Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Challenge

Hello Friends,

With Thanksgiving just over a month away, I have decided to take a personal challenge over the next four weeks to be more grateful for the many blessings in my life.  So with this said, I first and foremost want to thank all of  my friends and family for blessing my life in so many wonderful ways!
In an effort to personally have a more grateful heart, I have created my own “Month of Gratitude” Challenge.  Starting this Thursday, October 25th and for the next four weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I am going to take steps daily to have a more thankful attitude and appreciative approach to life. I am writing to you, my friends, to ask for your support during these next four weeks and to invite you to join me on this month long journey if you are interested.  It will be very easy and costs nothing, but my hope is that it will positively impact the lives of all of those who participate. 

The challenge is simple… Join me in taking these three steps together for one month:
1.)  Strive throughout our days to seek “ways to praise” and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. Eliminate negative talk about ourselves and others, and strive to give praise in all situations.  A few examples:

a.       Give thanks and praise to our husbands/wives, our kids, our parents, our mailman, or our grocery clerk instead of criticizing or complaining.

b.      Look in the mirror and smile, giving thanks for our beauty instead of searching for grey hairs and agonizing over wrinkles.

c.       Glance around our homes and seek 5 blessings in them instead of stressing over the things that need to be cleaned, changed, or fixed.

2.)   Take just a few minutes out of each day for the next four weeks to think about and write down what you are most grateful for. Grab a journal, notebook, diary, IPad, or just simply 30 pieces of paper stapled together.  On the first page, write “My Gratitude Journal” or whatever clever name you want to call it.  At the end of each day for the next four weeks, you will write down at least 5 things that you are grateful for and why.  I think we will all be amazed at how many blessings we will find each day!

3.)   Check your email daily, as I will be sending out 30 days of encouragement for our “Month of Gratitude”.  Each day I will send something out regarding gratitude (a quote, a thought, a bible passage, a picture, a challenge, or whatever inspires me that dayJ).  Keep in mind that I am not a professional journalist, just simply a friend who is out to spread the good news of thanks and praise. 

If you are interested in joining me for the “Month of Gratitude” Challenge, please email me at with an “I’m in” or a simple “yes”, and I will add your name to the list for Team Gratitude!  Being on this VIP list will give you an all access pass to my gratitude emails and a chance to change our perspectives in a positive way.

Gratitude is a truly powerful emotion, with the ability to evoke joy and peace in our lives and the lives of others.  Together, let’s create an “attitude of gratitude” in the world around us!

Hope you will join me for the “Month of Gratitude” Challenge! Please email me back ASAP to join Team Gratitude, only if you are up for taking on the challenge!

Your Gratiful Friend,



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